Des O'Connor Tonight

Initial airdate: 1995 (Jan 25)
Initial broadcaster: ITV
Country of production: UK
Duration: 13 mins
Type: Interview/Performance

The interviewer Des O'Connor knows Olivia from way back. During the interview they talk about when they first met. It was back in the 60s at the Prince Wales Theatre in London when Olivia was dueting with her friend Pat Carroll. Des suggested that they call themselves The Popettes but thankfully Olivia and Pat ignored his advice.

Des watched Olivia and Pat performs and afterwards they told Des that they didn't have anything to rehearse with.  Des took them down Tottenham Court Road (a famous London shopping street) and bought them a cassette player for 12 pounds. Des reprimands Olivia that he's still awaiting re-payment. Olivia takes a 10 pound note out from her boot and gives it to Des. She mentions inflation, a valid point as 12 pounds is worth about 100 pounds in today's money! This must have been set up beforehand but it's a great gag nevertheless.

A relaxed interview that is rounded off with Olivia miming No Matter What You Do.

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