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Initial airdate: 1996 (Oct 5)
Initial broadcaster: RTL
Country of production: Ge/Ne
Duration: 6 mins
Type: Performance

Olivia visited Europe in July 1996 and paid a visit to this German TV show (filmed in Amsterdam), her sister Rona and choreographer were with her. The host Linda De Mol loved Grease and performed Hopelessly Devoted To You with Olivia. Olivia also mimed an energetic No Matter What You Do, the choreographer had done his job. A short interview followed about her recovery from breast cancer and Olivia praised Linda's singing.

A small group of  European fans attended the taping of the show and gave lots of applause at the end of the performance which Olivia enjoyed. After the show she invited them into her dressing room for hellos and autographs.

Songs Performed (mimed):

Hopelessly Devoted To You (with Linda De Mol)
No Matter What You Do

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