Voices Of Hope 1997

For breast cancer awareness week in October 1997 Olivia filmed a special segment for Lifetime's "Voices of Hope" fight against breast cancer TV appeal.

Filmed at her home she spoke about her breast cancer - being diagnosed on the same day her father died, her fear and her worries about what would happen if she died and left her daughter. But as Olivia says "I was lucky, my cancer had not spread" and she pleads with viewers to support the fight against breast cancer.

She ends her speech positively that since being diagnosed her life has changed - "In many ways it's been better and I've met many brave, strong, wonderful women who have battle cancer and survived and I feel blessed to be one of them"


Initial airdate: 1997 (October)
Initial broadcaster: Lifetime
Country of production: US
Duration (ONJ part): 2 mins
Type: speech



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