Getting it wrong

getting it right


A Current Affair

Ray Martin of A Current Affair in Australia caught up with Olivia, John Farnham and Anthony Warlow rehearsing for the Main Event in an old warehouse in West Melbourne.

The three of them are performing The Age Of Reason. A few mistakes are  made and at one point Olivia is singing too slow and laughingly cringes at the camera.

Ray Martin interviews the three of them, alone and together. Olivia talks about 1998 being the first time in 16 years that she's performed a concert. After having Chloe and not returning to the stage she was until recently too frightened to go back. However, Anthony Warlow mentions the calming influence Olivia has over him so obviously her nerves are now under control.

Anthony, in particular, is finding it a challenge to fit his voice with Olivia's and John's. But it seems he had nothing to worry about as Olivia says that as soon as they all started to sing they were "meant to be together."

Even though John and Anthony are vying on stage for Olivia's attention, which  is great for her ego, Olivia still feels the "quiet one" next to jokers John and Anthony.

Cut to 9 hours later and more rehearsals of Age Of Reason - this time they are getting it right!


Initial airdate: Sept 1998
Initial broadcaster: Nine Network
Country of production: AU
Duration: 8 mins
Type: Interview

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