Rosie O'Donnell Show

Olivia was guest on the Rosie O'Donnell Show to sing live I Honestly Love You (1998 version) and for a nice interview.

Rosie introduces Olivia by playing a medley of Xanadu, Have You Never Been Mellow, Magic and Physical.

Rosie and Olivia chat about the re-release of Grease and recall how they saw each other in a restaurant a few years ago. However, because they'd never formally met both were too coy to go over and say hi to each other.  As Rosie summed it up: you feel a bit of a geek going over and saying "Hi you may know me I'm a celebrity too."

Rosie comments on Olivia's charming Australian accent and Olivia tells Rosie that she loves the New York accent - "it's fun". Rosie disagrees she think she sounds like a thug. They also discover that they both left school early and used to have nightmares about finding themselves in an examination not having a clue.

The highlight is a wonderful duet between Rosie and Olivia. To the tune of Physical they urge women to self-examine their breasts and to go for a mammogram. The song includes the lines: "Get a Physical, physical. Get yourself a mammogram". Hilarious.


Initial airdate: 1998 (April 28)
Initial broadcaster: Syndicated
Country of production: US
Duration: 16 min
Type: Performance/interview

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