Halloween Sandy

with Nancy


The View

Olivia was guest on daytime show The View. She was first interviewed solo about Grease re-release and her new album Back With A Heart.

Olivia was familiar with The View format; she told the delighted women presenters that she watched  regularly and that it was just like having girlfriends   around for a chat. One of the presenters returned the compliment as she was a big fan of Grease. She'd had even dressed up as Sandy 2 for Halloween (see pic). She urged Olivia to sign her Grease album.

Olivia joined in with Question of the Day: If you could be the lead singer in any band which would you choose? Olivia chose to be the fifth Beatle.

In the second half of the show Nancy Chuda joined Olivia to talk about CHEC. Nancy had a wonderful quote about chemicals in the products we buy "If you can't pronounce the words in the ingredients, why buy it?"

They talked about trying to prove that chemicals in the environment cause cancers. Olivia insightfully added that they want unconditional proof otherwise: "imagine what it would mean to the big companies, in America - the country of suing".


Initial airdate: 1998 (May)
Initial broadcaster: ABC
Country of production: US
Duration: 17 min
Type: Interivew

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