If You Love Me


Silvery Rain

Final bow

A Little More Love

Live In Concert 1982

Recorded at the Weber State University, Ogden, Utah on 12 and 13th October 1982, this aired on around the world. It's ironic that Utah was the place where a couple of radio stations banned the single Physical for its suggestive lyrics.

What can be added about this concert that hasn't been said already? It's stunning, a must for all fans. Olivia sparkles her way through the set with great costumes (4 in all) and lavish sets.

The concert begins with a montage of photos and press cuttings taking the viewer through Olivia's career. Then Olivia bounds onto stage in a little black number to the strains of Deeper than The Night and it just gets better from there on. Particular praise for Olivia's rocky rendition of Silvery Rain and the sincerity of I Honestly Love You.

It was also released on home video with the inclusion a couple of extra tracks not shown on the TV version

Watch out for - Olivia's Nashville accent. Olivia's face when she realizes that her backing singers aren't doing the Physical exercises!

Cringy moment - the backing singers singing and "dancing" to a chorus of YTOTIW

Gimmick - the slow motion sequences as Olivia spins to A Little More Love.

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Initial airdate: 1983
Initial broadcaster: HBO
Country of production: US
Duration: 78 mins
Type: Concert



John Travolta with Olivia in CA

John Travolta made a guest appearance at one of Olivia's California concerts (this does not appear on the TV special/video)

Songs Performed by Olivia (video version)


Deeper Than the Night
Let Me Be There
Please Mr Please
If you Love Me Let Me Know
Silvery Rain
Heart Attack
Make a move on me
Hopelessly Devoted to You
You're the One that I Want
I Honestly love you

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