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Initial airdate: 1982
Initial broadcaster: .
Country of production: S Africa
Duration: 22 mins
Type: Interview

Olivia appeared on this TV show whilst in South Africa for her Physical tour. The programme shows footage of Olivia arriving with boyfriend Matt Lattanzi at the Jan Smuts airport (now Johannesburg International Airport) the airport is crammed full of fans!

The interview covers the Physical TV special which took 3 months to film and clips of Physical and Grease are shown.

Olivia is asked her opinion of Grease2. This was before it got the panning by some critics. Olivia doesn't appear over-enthusiastic but describes it as "fun" and she thinks it'll do well. She says that a comparison with the first movie can't be made and that it would always be difficult to do a follow-up.

Olivia talks about her OBE in 1979. She remembers that the Queen was wearing pink cashmere and pearls. She also repeats the story of falling down the stairs in the royal bathroom. Even Princess Margaret (the Queen's sister) commented on this when she met Olivia at a movie premiere a few days later "I believe you fell down the stairs in the bathroom."

Olivia is asked about her love life and Matt appears briefly on screen, both agreeing that their romance is going well.

Matt Munroe is mentioned as Olivia and Pat Farrar were an opening act for him in South Africa. Olivia can't remember the exact date but it was between 1966-1968.



Olivia and her then boyfriend Matt

Thanks to Shaun Nel

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