Slow Dancin'


Only Olivia

After three years away Olivia arrived back in England to record this special for the BBC. It's quintessentially England in the 1970s from the low-key sets; concentration on ballads, right down to Olivia's long flowing white dress.

The special was filmed in front of a live audience and Olivia uses this to add even more sparkle to her songs. She adds a more country-style to Let It Shine and Country Roads and her ballads are at their most tender and heartbreaking.

To break up the tedium of the studio the BBC include lovely footage of Olivia driving her car and visiting horses in the English countryside. There's also some great footage of Olivia disco dancing to Love Is Alive.

Most 70s moment - the "special" effects of a split screen (with the images spinning)

Interesting fact - John and Pat Farrar come along to help out. Pat Farrar provides backing vocals under her maiden name of Pat Carroll. Mike Sammes (he of the deep voice on Let Me Be There etc.) is also there.


Initial airdate: Sept 23 1977
Initial broadcaster: BBC
Country of production: UK
Duration: 50 mins
Type: TV Special

Songs Performed by Olivia

Let Me Be There
If you love Me Let Me Know
Have You Never Been Mellow
Country Roads
Pony Ride
Let It Shine
Slow Dancing
Love Is Alive
Please Mr Please
As Time Goes By
Making A Good Thing Better
I honestly love you

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